Settlement Services


Laminar is a leading provider of Austraclear settlement services empowering our clients to participate in over the counter fixed income markets in a simple and efficient manner.

Clearing and Custody

Laminar Capital’s Clearing and Custody service gives clients the ability to purchase and settle domestic and international over-the-counter (“OTC”) fixed income securities. Combining superior settlements and back-office capabilities with our sophisticated technologically-driven portfolio management platform, Laminar is able to provide wealth managers, fund managers, not-for-profit organisations and Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADI’s) with an efficient and effective method of trading, settling and reporting on their fixed income securities.

Trade Settlement and Custody Solutions


Many portfolio managers find it difficult or cumbersome to purchase and settle OTC fixed income securities. Laminar provides simple and efficient delivery versus payment (DvP) settlement solutions and combines this with sub custodial services which allows wealth managers to hold small parcels of OTC fixed interest securities.


  • Enables efficient settlement of fixed income securities via Austraclear.
  • Automatic generation of trade confirmations.
  • Securities are held in custody via Sandhurst Trustees* or directly in the client’s name via their own Austraclear account operated by Laminar Capital.
  • Split securities into small holdings.
  • Sub custody client reporting.

Austraclear Proxy


Austraclear has various levels of membership and allows certain participants to operate Austraclear accounts on behalf of other members. This is known as Austraclear proxy. An Austraclear account established in your own name allows you to take legal ownership of all your fixed income securities.

  • Laminar Capital is the leading provider of Austraclear proxy services operating over 40 accounts for organisations Australia wide.
  • Austraclear enables participants to settle and hold OTC fixed income securities in their own name and removes the requirement to have securities held in custody by a third party.
  • Appointing a proxy to operate an Austraclear account removes operational risks from the business and can deliver significant cost savings.
    Clients utilising Laminar’s proxy service gain access to ‘Treasury Direct’ for real time settlement, queue authorisation and monitoring.

Portfolio and Client Reporting


Laminar offers clients access to its online portfolio management and reporting platform, Treasury Direct, that provides full portfolio management and performance information online and available 24/7 at the fraction of the price of established portfolio management systems.


  • Automatic settlement of OTC fixed income securities for Austraclear proxy clients.
  • Easy deal entry for all asset classes.
  • Pre-deal compliance checks against portfolio limits.
  • True performance reporting against industry benchmarks.
  • Entire portfolio valued daily.
  • Full unit registry and unit pricing capability for portfolio managers offering unitised funds.
  • Full suite of accounting reports.
  • Automatic rate sets and coupon notifications.
  • Zero configuration.
  • No lock in term contracts.
  • Find our more about Treasury Direct

Why us?


At Laminar Capital we understand the opportunity for better returns. Our deep understanding of fixed income markets combined with investment approach delivers great outcomes for clients looking to achieve more from their fixed interest investment portfolios.


A three dimensional approach to credit research:

  • Assessment of the stability of the investment type for the given portfolio and understand the broader macro environment.
  • Review the sector and asset class to a create a clearer picture of the credit landscape and regulatory environment.
  • Assessment of the issuers fundamental credit quality and apply a credit overlay.


We offer clients a managed approach which provides investors with a diversified pool of fixed income assets, managed by a team of experts. Our access to better opportunities results in better returns for our clients.