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For clients to be assured of sound advice,  time in the market is invaluable.  Experience of different market cycles is vital whilst diverse sector knowledge and expertise ensures richer insight. The Laminar team provides clients with the comfort of these three pillars.

Reputation. Knowledge. Experience.

Case Studies

Mutual Bank Securitisation

Because of our hands-on market experience, Laminar was engaged to arrange and execute internal securitisation projects on behalf of some of Australia’s leading Mutual Banks. In these roles, Laminar:

  • Delivered significant cost savings to clients through strong relationships with ratings agencies, lawyers and trustees
  • Educated our clients to ensure they understood the project and their obligations under the transaction documentation, rather than simply executing the transaction on their behalf
  • Delivered and closed six transactions simultaneously in a fraction of the time than those ADIs who chose to undertake the project alone


Securitisation is an in depth and highly technical process which requires specialist skills and experience. Laminar have been able to provide a simple, efficient and cost effective solution which has assisted the Credit Union to establish and maintain its self-securitisation facility.

We greatly appreciated their assistance and guidance to establish the program which made the process a lot smoother than we thought it would be

Brett Myles

Chief Financial Officer, Southern Cross Credit Union

ADI Specific Advice and Education

The challenge

LLL applied for, and received, an ADI licence in January 2019. this required compliance with an entirely new set of standards and a big step up in regulatory reporting

The solution

Laminar was engaged to provide LLL with a complete end to end assisted treasury solution. This service includes

  • Austraclear establishment and ongoing settlement solutions.
  • A comprehensive and integrated treasury management system to manage limits. compliance, accounting entries and reporting.
  • Board and management education and training
  • Investment strategy development. and direct market access to investment opportunities to help drive increased returns.
  • Ongoing portfolio reviews.

The outcome

LLL benefit from an integrated solution that provides significant cost savings associated with not having to employ a team of treasury specialists. Laminar’s value proposition includes covering all facets of a sophisticated treasury at the fraction of the cost.

When LLL Australia became the first Charitable ADI in Australia it needed to partner with an investment specialist who could understand LLL uniqueness. The Laminar Treasury Direct platform provided LLL with a management system that was innovative, easy to use and met our reporting requirements. Being a small non-profit organisation LLL also benefits from the Laminar Treasury Assist service. This services gives LLL treasury management skills and capabilities that LLL would otherwise need to employ. Laminar is always there to listen to our needs and the service package that they provide is unique to the market. 

Paul Klose

Chief Operating Officer, LLL Australia

Treasury Direct & Austraclear Integration

The challenge

Tweed Shire Council went to competitive tender looking for the best solution for investment reporting services in 2013.

The solution

After evaluating all the services identified through the competitive expression of interest process, Tweed Shire Council chose Treasury Direct to help simplify the management and reporting of their investment portfolio.

The outcome

Treasury Direct provided improved functionality in the form of:

  • Direct entry of investment deals by Council staff into the Treasury Direct “cloud” based platform.
  • Easy to navigate Treasury Direct dashboard.
    Straight through processing of cash and stock for bond purchases and sales via Austraclear.

  • Comprehensive reporting features including monthly, quarterly and annual investment portfolio performance statistics

Treasury Direct is easy to navigate and simple to use. The ability to access the best term deposit rates brokerage free and have access to a large range of bonds and FRNs directly within the system should produce cost savings as third party brokers will not be required.

Paul Drew

Treasury Accountant, Tweed Shire Council

Investment Advice, Dealing & Reporting

rThe challenge

Great Barrier Reef Foundation were the recipient of a substantial government grant and needed the assistance of an expert advisory to assist in the deployment of funds in line with a strict government policy overlay.

The solution

After evaluating alternatives the foundation chose Laminar Capital due to our ability to provide a truly integrated solution which covered specific sector advice,  professional dealing services and comprehensive reporting to ensure commonwealth government agreed policy limits where maintained. 

The outcome

The Foundation has freed up significant time allowing their team to focus on the task of deploying cash to support the incredibly important work of maintaining the Barrier Reef for generations to come.

They have confidence that the granted funds are being managed by a team of sector experts  in a professional and cost effective manner. 

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation were the recipient of a substantial government grant and we required the assistance of an investment specialist who understood the investment markets in which we are permitted to invest. We chose Laminar Capital because of their knowledge and experience in assisting us with maximising our returns. Their professional service coupled with their investment management software Treasury Direct has yielded great results and gives immediate visibility on the performance of our portfolio and the incorporated compliance features which ensures we remain within our strict investment mandate.   They are great to deal with and have been an important part of the foundation’s investment process.

Anna Marsden

Managing Director, Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Fixed Interest Advice & Administration

Laminar Capital is recognised as a market leader in providing specialist fixed interest advice, deal execution and administration. Moelis chose Laminar to streamline its fixed interest operations given our deep understanding of the processes involved in administering and integrating fixed interest reporting into the companies frameworks. In these roles, Laminar:

  • Delivered a leading edge fixed interest management system in Treasury Direct which allowed Moelis  to generate accurate reporting on over the counter (OTC) fixed interest investments.
  • Provide ongoing portfolio advice and execution of acquiring and disposing of fixed interest investments at the best available prices.
  • Successfully transitioned the clients management of fixed interest, property and equity assets to a modern platform which saves the client significant time and resources when performing month end procedures, valuations and accounting entries.

Moelis Australia required a firm with specialist knowledge in fixed interest markets to assist us in streamlining the management and reporting of our over the counter fixed income assets. Cameron and his team of experts provide us the end to end service of buying, settling and reporting on fixed interest assets.

Stanley Hsieh

Investment Manager, Moelis Australia

Specialist Structuring Advice & Deal Execution

Laminar Capital is uniquely positioned to be able to structure complex transactions and bring them to market. Carnbrea & Co approached Laminar to provide a solution to a complex and unique funding structure. Laminar was able to deliver an end to end solution with its strong legal and client partnerships and its ability to understand the issue and the required outcomes. Laminar:

  • Delivered a transaction that not only met the structuring objective but achieved a world first accreditation changing the way ethical housing transactions are bought to market.
  • Managed the transaction through the documentation process bringing together legal experts and funding partners to deliver a truly unique framework.
  • Provided our funding partners access to strong, quality asset growth from a new client segment.

Laminar deliver a unique balance of knowledge around complex transactions with the ability to execute. For this reason,  we have partnered with them on product structuring for a specialist project

Ben Meikle

Director Asset Management, Carnbrea & Co

Austraclear Settlement Services

Laminar Capital is the ASX’s preferred partner when it comes to providing Austraclear proxy settlement services. We provide fixed interest settlement services to over 60 organisations Australia wide. Australian Military Bank, like many other smaller ADIs relies on Laminar’s expertise and market understanding to settle is investment in a timely and professional manner. In this role, Laminar:

  • Provides essential Austraclear settlement serves for all investment related activities. 
  • Provides full disaster recover and business continuity service with multiple business sites and clear segregation of duties. This removes significant operational risk for Australian Military Bank.
  • Provide professional back office services to ensure Australian Military Bank meet their real time payments obligations as an Authorised Deposit taking Institution. 

Laminar Capital perform the settlement function of the Banks’ investment portfolio. Having a third party proxy is not only a prudent risk management measure, we find that it is also cost effective and efficient for smaller organisations. The team at Laminar are always ready to assist and provide guidance as required. The relationship has grown further as we also benefit from market feedback and general information flow which is imperative to investment decision making.

Georgina Giavis

Treasury manager, Australian Military Bank

ATO Securitisation Specialist  

Laminar was able to help the ATO make more informed decisions by:

  • Providing detailed insight into the history and structure of the Australian securitisation market
  • Analysing and explaining the specific transaction documents and cashflows
  • Calculating the present value of certain securitisation assets at different points in time
  • Determining the level of profitability of a transaction and the likely volatility of that profitability


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) required an expert in securitisation to provide advice on a complex residential mortgage-backed security structure and considered Laminar to be the best organisation to fulfil this role.