Markets Overview

  • ASX SPI 200 futures down 1.5% to 7,165.00
  • Dow Average down 2.4% to 33,240.18
  • Aussie down 0.8% to 0.7123 per US$
  • U.S. 10-year yield fell 9.7bps to 2.7224%
  • Australia 3-year bond yield fell 5bps to 2.65%
  • Australia 10-year bond yield fell 3bps to 3.10%
  • Gold spot up 0.4% to $1,905.46
  • Brent futures up 2.9% to $105.28/bbl

Economic Events

  • 9:30am: (AU) April ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer, prior 96.8
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI Weighted Median YoY, est. 3.3%, prior 2.7%
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI Trimmed Mean YoY, est. 3.4%, prior 2.6%
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI Weighted Median QoQ, est. 1.1%, prior 0.9%
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI Trimmed Mean QoQ, est. 1.2%, prior 1.0%
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI YoY, est. 4.6%, prior 3.5%
  • 11:30am: (AU) 1Q CPI QoQ, est. 1.7%, prior 1.3%

Australia’s headline inflation likely pushed above 4% in 1Q, with underlying measures exceeding the central bank’s 2%-3% target band, according to Bloomberg Economics’ estimates.

Other News

Chainsaws should be kept out of the reach of children when not in use and people using the tool should take all safety measures to ensure no injuries are caused during work. But now, a serial record-breaker has used the tool to not cut wood but to set a new world record.

David Rush is a man of many talents. He is a serial record-breaker who is now a revered name in the Guinness Book of World Records.Rush, who hails from the US state of Idaho, has a knack for breaking world records by doing some bizarre stunts. At the age of 30, Rush had no Guinness World Records, Now 36, he has more than 200 to his name.

Rush breaks world records to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education as he feels youngsters should grow up with a passion for these subjects.

This time, the man from Idaho has set a new record by balancing a chainsaw on his chin for 37 minutes and 56 seconds. For safety reasons, the tool was kept in OFF mode during the entirety of the attempt.

He held the same record back in 2016 when he managed to keep the tool balanced for 3 minutes and 1 second.

Later, he lost the title to a record-breaker, who balanced a chainsaw for 5 minutes, and he recaptured it in 2017. Rush captured the record for the second time in 2017, by balancing the tool for 10 minutes.This time, he has taken the balancing record for the third time by beating his own accomplishment with a 20-minute record.