We are pleased to announce that our clients can now access the A1 rated, Suncorp Bank via Treasury Direct.

Treasury Direct is the only investment management platform that Suncorp is partnering with and will allow clients’ access to Suncorp’s best term deposit rates and to invest directly with the Bank from within your investment portfolio.

This Suncorp relationship has been achieved because of Laminar Capital and Treasury Direct’s commitment to making investing efficient and our commitment to transparency in pricing, ensuring that the rate the bank is offering is the rate you invest at. No hidden fees or brokerage usually associated with using an intermediary to arrange your deposits.

‘We think Treasury Direct is another great way to distribute our term deposit rates to our corporate clients across Australia. We are excited to partner with Treasury Direct as it will provide our clients a seamless automated way to deal directly with Suncorp Treasury whilst also receiving the same rates as they would by calling the bank directly” said Michael Hamlin, Team Leader of Corporate Funding at Suncorp.

If you are interested in discussing a Suncorp investment or a new account with Suncorp Treasury please contact Michael Hamlin or Julie Park on 1300 138 072

This is an example of how Treasury Direct continues to innovate and provide clients with a breadth of investment opportunities, effective portfolio management and efficient reporting tools.

Get the best rates and save time with Treasury Direct.

For more information contact your Laminar representative, or visit the Treasury Direct website to find out how to make managing and reporting on your investment portfolio a simple task.