Laminar Capital has released another huge update to its market leading portfolio management system Treasury Direct. Users now have the ability to buy, rollover and redeem term deposits directly from within the system. Simply navigate to the Rates page and choose the term and best rates from over 40 of Australia’s leading ADI’s, brokerage free.

If you are comparing, check the offeror’s rates and fees for transparency of pricing; Laminar Capital is committed to ensuring you are:

  • accessing the highest quality opportunities,
  • driving efficiency in transactions,
  • have ease of portfolio management,
  • paying no transaction fees – hidden or otherwise,

Notification of your transactions are sent directly to the treasury department of the respective ADI with all your transaction details including settlement instructions. New deposits and rollovers are added directly to your portfolio making Treasury Direct the quickest and simplest way to manage your deposit portfolio.

Get the best rates and save time with Treasury Direct.

For more information contact your Laminar representative, inquire now using the button below or visit the Treasury Direct website to find out how to make managing and reporting on your investment portfolio a simple task


The Laminar Capital Team
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