The Laminar Credit Opportunities Fund was awarded the 2013 hedge fund of the year at a gala event in Sydney last week.

The fund was also named best Australian fixed income and credit fund.

Fund manager Chris Black said he was delighted with the two awards.

“It’s a great achievement to be named the best fund operating in the Australian market across any asset class. We are proud that we have delivered our clients such excellent returns with extremely low monthly volatility, which is what a fixed income fund should be doing.

“We’re passionate about the fixed income credit markets. We believe that they are a wonderful place to invest and see continued opportunities going forward.

“The fund does not apply leverage but does have the ability to hedge systemic risk when we believe it is appropriate.”

The Australian Hedge Fund Awards, presented by charity Cure Our Kids, are judged on a criteria of due diligence, adequately resourced infrastructure, funds under management and products available in the Australian market and awarded to funds that provide the most consistent, competitive risk-adjusted returns independent of the direction of financial markets.

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