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Laminar Capital’s BondHub gives SMSF and private investors the ability to access and own small parcels of wholesale corporate bonds.
Our capital markets team are active in the wholesale bond markets on a daily basis meaning our clients see better investment opportunities more often.

Simple and Efficient

Laminar Capital’s fully integrated bond trading, settlement and custody service makes owning small parcels of wholesale bonds a simple and efficient process. Bonds are held with our custodial partners Sandhurst Trustees, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and Austraclear. As part of the ASX, 98.5% of all Australia wholesale bonds are traded and settled in the Austraclear system.

Independent Valuations and Reporting

BondHub gives our clients direct access to portfolio performance reports and independent valuations 24/7. Reports and valuations can be exported in a variety of formats making integration with other asset reporting platforms a simple task.

Model Portfolios

Laminar Capital provides its clients access to specialised over the counter (OTC) bond offerings via model portfolios. Our ability to construct, execute and manage small parcel high yield bond portfolios makes accessing the unlisted wholesale bond market a simple process.

Please note: to be eligible to purchase wholesale corporate bonds via Laminar Capital’s BondHub you must be a wholesale or sophisticated client and have a sophisticated investor certificate issued to you by your accountant. More information on how to obtain a certificate can be found HERE

Why Laminar Capital?



Our experience is invaluable to our clients, helping them to avoid pitfalls and save both time and money.  Our advisors are experts in fixed income and have the ability to share their knowledge with our clients in a simple but effective way. Our unique insights and market leadership in specialised fixed interest investments makes investing in direct bonds a simple process.


As an accepted counterparty to most ADIs and Investment Banks and with dealing relationships with all major institutional fund managers, we see better investment opportunities more often. This drives better investment outcomes for our clients. Our strong relationship with all origination parties,including ratings agents, documentation lawyers and trustees, ensures transactions are structured effectively and efficiently. Our advisory credentials in our chosen markets are first class.


We have over two decades of experience is international and domestic capital markets. This allows us to provide our clients with the specialist treasury and advisory services they require to achieve their desired outcomes. Our partnership approach means we work alongside our clients educating them along the journey. Our treasury and advisory service is an iterative approach. We take the time to understand our clients needs and tailor a solution that is specific to each clients needs.