Capital Markets


Laminar provides capital markets origination and broking services to institutional clients including fund managers, Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions, corporations, government entities, and not-for-profit organisations.

What we do

  • Debt origination, structuring and advice
  • Debt placement services
  • Capital management solutions
  • Securitisation structuring
  • Fixed interest broking, domestic and offshore
  • Wholesale term deposits
  • Investment Management Systems
  • Independent investment valuations
  • Austraclear proxy services
  • Investment Custody
  • Direct bonds for SMSF’s and private investors

Why us?

Specialist team

Each member of the Laminar team is a fixed interest specialist. Our skills are grounded in direct experience and extensive knowledge of fixed interest and debt capital markets so you get access to genuine product expertise including:

  • Wholesale deposits
  • Vanilla fixed interest securities (NCD’s & FRN’s)
  • Asset and mortgage backed securities
  • Debt funding facilities
  • Subordinated debt
  • Structured credit
  • Inflation linked products

Leading solutions

Laminar is a leading arranger of funding and capital solutions for regional and community based Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs). Our securitisation team continues to offer innovative solutions to the complex issues of funding and standby facilities. Our structuring in securitisation transactions has proven invaluable to our clients. 

Experience Counts

We have two decades of experience in providing our clients with access to the wholesale capital markets. Our capital markets desk is an accepted counterparty to most ADIs, investment banks and funds managers in Australia. This means we see better investment opportunities for our clients more often. We are able to identify opportunities for our clients, ensure that they are being offered at the best possible return and that they are in keeping with our clients’ investment objectives. Better opportunities equals better investment returns.

A First in the Industry

Laminar Capital was the first independent fixed interest group authorised to deal with the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM). The AOFM manages Australian Government debt, cash and financial assets on behalf of the Australian Government. To gain access to the AOFM panel, members must demonstrate that they are meaningful participants of the domestic capital markets and have the requisite skills and infrastructure to serve the Australian Government. Laminar Capital fulfilled these requirements.

Austraclear Proxy

The only true way of taking legal ownership of fixed interest securities is by being a member of Austraclear or by having expensive custody arrangements in place. Having securities held in custody by another bank or broker DOES NOT equal true legal ownership. Laminar Capital is a market leader and preferred supplier of the ASX in delivering Austraclear proxy solutions. Appointing Laminar Capital as Austraclear proxy provides the benefits of direct investment ownership while mitigating operational risks.


Leaders in Technology

Laminar’s Treasury Direct investment management platform provides immediate and direct access to every detail of your investment portfolio, automatically calculating returns, providing independent investment valuations and one click reporting. Treasury Direct provides integration with Austraclear giving a seamless workflow from investment purchase to settlement and reporting. Integrated risk management is just a click away.