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MTG Treasury Facility

MTG Treasury Facility

Generating returns on additional liquidity is becoming a more difficult task in the current low interest rate environment. Investment managers are finding the need to look beyond term deposits to generate the required level of interest income but many don’t have the time or requisite skills to identify and analyse the myriad of alternatives available.

Laminar Capital’s MTG Treasury Facility gives investors access to longer term investments such as term deposits, floating rate notes and AAA rated Residential mortgage backed securities in a specifically designed facility to help increase returns and reduce risk.  

Rigorous credit focussed process

Laminar Capital has developed a clearly defined research process to analyse fixed interest securities. Credit research is core to our investment philosophy and is a key driver of risk adjusted returns. Our experienced team has developed close relationships with senior management from a range of issuers over the past 20 years. Our team assesses the full spectrum of investment grade and high yield investments, and produces analysis and internal ratings on more than 200 issuers.  

A team of highly experienced investment and treasury professionals

Laminar Capital believes having access to better opportunities more often can lead to superior returns. Our team are highly experienced treasury professionals with decades of investment experience gained from working in treasury operations of domestic ADIs both large and small. Our direct experience in evaluating and constructing liquid portfolios enables us to maximise returns within a given risk framework.

Exposure to a broad range of investment opportunities

The MTG Treasury Facility includes exposure to a broad range of investment grade deposits, senior debt and RMBS. By having such a broad investment universe, Laminar Capital is able to construct a diversified portfolio with the aim of outperformance over the benchmark whilst maintaining a low volatility.    

How to Invest

Simply download the application form below and follow the instructions.  

MTG Treasury Facility Fact Sheet

MTG Treasury Facility Application Form

Why Laminar Capital?


At Laminar Capital we understand the opportunity for better returns. Our deep understanding of fixed income markets combined with investment approach delivers great outcomes for clients looking to achieve more from their fixed interest investment portfolios.


We offer clients a managed approach which provides investors with a diversified pool of fixed income assets, managed by a team of experts. Our access to better opportunities results in better returns for our clients.


A three dimensional approach to credit research:

  • Assessment of the stability of the investment type for the given portfolio and understand the broader macro environment.
  • Review the sector and asset class to a create a clearer picture of the credit landscape and regulatory environment.
  • Assessment of the issuers fundamental credit quality and apply a credit overlay.